The Game

Timequest is a Live Escape Game featuring exciting quests, based in the center of Luxembourg 200 meters from Place Guillaume. In our games, each group is enclosed in a room and has 60 minutes to escape the room by solving puzzles, quizzes and brainteasers, using strategy, creativity and logic. Our quests are exciting adventures, which challenges each individual, but are set the way, that you will need your teammate to escape. Our rooms provide a perfect team building activity.

Each game is designed for parties of 4-8 people and takes place in a custom-built, specially designed room with a unique theme. The theory behind exit games is the flow experience which means the mental state you get into when doing an activity fully immersed with a feeling of energy focus and enjoyment.

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Group size?

Each room holds teams of 2-8 people. We can have up to 24 people at the same time in rue Saint Esprit – for more people, contact us.

Age limit?

Timequests riddles and puzzles are designed for adult teams. The minimum age for participants is 16 years.  Participants under 16 must be with min. one adult. It is possible to have birthday parties, school groups etc. please contact us for information.

How long does it take?

For private groups the whole experience including instructions is 90 minutes. For corporate groups it takes maximum 2 hours including instructions and approx. 75 min. game time.


Our activities is very suitable for a company teambuilding event. Timequest is located in the very heart of Luxembourg and is an excellent communication and teamwork challenge where you can finish a good team work out with a dinner or a drink nearby in the old part of the city.

What is the difference?


Private groups book through our online system and the contact will primary be automatic through our booking system. Duration 60 min.



Corporate teams book through our mail system. We have special timeslots for team building, extra missions in the game and possibility for performance feedback. A team building game last 75 min. with instruction.



The 3 unique escape games that we conduct in a time-bound, controlled environment. Every escape room has a sophisticated storyline and highly elaborate game interiors. The games that we conduct have all been carefully designed to be easy to understand but challenging to accomplish if you are working alone. As a result, team dynamics are improved and every member of your group will be able to contribute towards winning the game!

Prison Break

You and you friend wake up one morning blindfolded and handcuffed locked in a prison cell convicted for a crime you did not do. The guards have left for their lunch break. Now is your only chance to escape. Start cracking codes, finding clues and find the only way to escape this frenetic hell. If you disobey the rules of society, they send you to prison; if you disobey the rules of the prison, they send you to Cell 7913. Your task is simple but hard. Solve the tasks and get out with of the prison in 1 hour. Do you and your friends have what it takes ?

For 2-8 persons.



Spy Game

She’s absolutely sure, now: Someone is planning to break into the most secret area of the new BND Headquarters. An enemy in the Secret Service building! She has five suspects on her list, but who is the target person? The high-ranking agent or the inconspicuous secretary? The clever data analyst? Is the stereotypical gardener the murderer?

Or maybe the cook likes to play with fire a little too much? Search, think, wrack your brains, crack codes and draw conclusions – immerge into the world of profilers and special agents with our escape game. You are right at the center of a thrilling case. Become Sherlock Holmes, Miss Marple, Hercule Poirot, Columbo, MacGyver, Carrie Mathison, Horatio Caine or Mister T. Solve the case like you saw it’s done in Homeland, CSI, Criminal Minds and True Detectives!

For 4-8 persons.



The Bunker

A secret bunker has been discovered in Luxembourg City, what’s inside, why is it hidden, who build it and for what? Your task is simple. Solve the mystery in 1 hour. Do you and your friends have what it takes ?

For 4-8 persons.




Escape games are an excellent opportunity to develop and challenge your team in a motivational and highly engaging way. The theory behind escape games is “the flow” or “the zone” experience from positive psychology.

Escaping a room requires all the elements of good teamwork, keen observation, problem solving skills and proper communication in order to beat the clock. It is the perfect activity for corporate groups to come together, learn and to have fun. How can Escape games improve the company culture? Shared experience, bonding, trials, successes is the glue between people, if you enhance this, the bond will grow stronger and people will remember the challenges they solved together.

How can you improve your leadership skills with Escape games? Being a leader or a part of the management group you have a great set of skills (IQ) but where most leaders fail is the lack of people skills (EQ) Do leaders always know how to solve motivational issues? Do they know their teams strengths? This will help get the team to work together with participating management to help learn and grow.

Using Escape game for the recruitment? It is a great tool to add to the recruitment process – to evaluate candidates’ performance under pressure and within the team. We assist with personal assessments and profiles for individuals and teams. Copyright.

How do we do teambuilding?

  1. option: We have our location Rue du Saint Esprit in central Luxembourg with the possibility of up to 24 people at a time where you can use our rooms.
  2. option: We have the possibility to offer our unique transportable/mobile escape game. Here we can host groups of up to 50 at a time at the place of your choice (a big meeting room or hotel conference room.)
  3. option: We also have the possibility to host the mobile escape game at our location at rue saint Esprit.

What is a mobile escape game?: It is Mobile Escape Game brought to you.  Different teams have only a predetermined amount of time to crack a special code, which stops the countdown. We have professional consultants facilitating the event. You will choose the venue. We will need to know how many people are attending. Transportation and upstart fee is not included and should be considered. Book minimum 2 weeks before the event. Remember to read our cancellation policy, house-rules/terms and conditions.

Events: Book us to handle the whole event everything from conferences, product promotion launch, kick off’s  – we can help you create a unique and remarkable experience.

You book per e-mail or call 691 835 373.

Want to know more about leadership development, positive working environment, working in multicultural teams – please contact Jens Christian Haugaard, e-mail or call 691 835 373.

Reservation & Prices

Private groups will book through our booking system. For company groups you can e-mail us or call. For special discounts and competition follow us on facebook. If you’d like to reserve an exciting game, please check our availabilities first. For Private groups all prices is for minimum 4 persons per room. Remember Timequest is an live experience, it is very important to arrive on time. Not early not late. If you arrive later than 15 min. the rooms will be open for other players to book.

Secret service/Spy Room
  • Room (1-4 person) additional persons (5-8) can join for 25€ each.
  • Booknu2

  • Room Prisonbreak (1-4 person) additional persons (5-8) can join for 25€ each.

The Bunker
  • The bunker(1-4 person) additional persons (5-8) can join for 25€ each.

Corperate Teambuilding

  • up 100 participants with “mobile escape game”
    ex. TVA

For companies/team building: Book via e-mail only the price is 40€ per person ex. VAT. Please contact Timequest for business arrangements. You can reserve and check availability online but please contact us so we can arrange accordingly.

Additional private people: The price for more than 4 people is plus 25€. When you have a room you can add additional people up to rooms max. – if you are more than 4 people add +25 €uros per person and pay when you arrive for the remaining persons – we accept most creditcards.

We have received many inquiries about playing only 2 persons. We have special time slots of 75 min. for 2 people and the price is 120€. The rooms are designed for 4-8 people therefore you will need extra time in order to get out.

Please read our cancellation policy and house rules:
Cancellation on the same day 100% payment of the whole amount and package arrangement (which may include payment for extra staff/hours and catering) will be charged. Reducing the number of players, will be considered as cancellations.
Cancellation 1-4 days before 50% of the whole amount and package arrangement (which may include payment for extra staff/hours and catering) will be charged. Reducing the number of players, will be considered as cancellations. Private groups will receive an e-mail payment request and account number. Company groups will get an invoice. Timequest Luxembourg will not be responsible for cancellations due to natural or social phenomenon.
House rules:
All secrets and other important details of the games are Trade Secrets that are protected by Intellectual Property Law. All the obtained information is confidential, and you will refrain from disclosing or publishing any information fully to any third party. TQ wants its players tell their friends about the game played, but not to spoil other peoples’ games or business by telling the Trade Secrets. Do not to take pictures, film or record any part of the games or on the games facilities. Image recording devices are, in particular, cameras, camcorders, camera phones, laptops and other devices with an integrated camera. I accept and understand that any use, copy distribution, public display or creation of any imitative work from TQ is prohibited. TQ has all rights to take legal action against any infringement. Only pictures taken by TQ staff are allowed and will be distributed on Facebook with oral agreements. If you change your mind and do not want your picture on Facebook, then send an e-mail and we will remove the pictures without further notice. TQ Game is not recommended to those with any heart conditions, hypertension, claustrophobia or similar conditions. All visitors have to act in accordance with the “House Rules” as attached for own safety. I accept that TQ shall not kept liable for any kind of injury, damage, loss or inconvenience suffered during or after the game based on the game. You will be charged for damages. I agree to handle the facilities in TQ with good care. I accept that TQ has the right to seek full compensation in case of any attempt to cause damage or damage caused to the tools, equipment and layout. I also understand that TQ has the right to terminate the game at any time, if anyone of the players violates the “House Rules” or refuses to follow the instructions of employees. If TQ terminates the game, there is no refund of fees/payment. I understand that entering TQ facilities under the influence of alcohol or any classified substance is prohibited. Furthermore, it is prohibited to bring in, be in possession of, or consume alcoholic beverages or any narcotic or psychotropic substances in TQ’s facilities. I accept and understand, that if my group is unable to come, I have to cancel my appointment and have to pay cancellation fee (look at the top) and there will be no refund of fees, full or partial, allowed. I understand that due the nature of the game, children under the age of 16 are not allowed to take part in the games offered by TQ. However, players over the age of 12 years but under the age of 16 are able to participate, if accompanied by at least one adult player.


Timequest is located in the very heart of Luxembourg just 200 meters from Place Guillaume. Our neighbor is the very nice bar and concert place “De Gudde Wëllen” where you can have a beer before or after. A lot of good restaurants in the area.

Timequest Luxembourg Live Escape Rooms
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